Weekend Fun!

My brother was in town this weekend, so we decided to take him out and show him a good time. Friday night we headed up to another Harrah’s Casino, outside of Philadelphia. I can honestly tell you that the one in Atlantic City is so much better! This casino was clean, but the clientele was definitely interesting. I wouldn’t recommend getting dressed up, like I did. And in all the craziness, I forgot to take outfit pictures. Ah well…I did win $20! :)

Saturday we took a trip up to Jersey to the Food Festival at Mullica Hill. The festival was small and had a $20 pp entrance fee. We expected much more than what we received, but ended up tasting some delicious pasta! We were planning on heading to CowTown Rodeo on the way back, but decided to head home after a long day of exploring. (I was totally dressed in my plaid for the rodeo, though!)



Sunday was filled with brunch and golfing. We had brunch at Deer Park Tavern and then hit up the driving ranges. It was hot that we ended up running (ok, driving) to the nearest WaWa to get some slurpees! Yay, summer!


I’m insanely glad my brother visited this weekend and I look forward to more of his visits! Now time to make him some of this delicious pasta before he leaves! :(

Polka Dots & Mint – Entire Outfit Under $50!

Sorry for the lack of posts folks! I’ve been insanely busy lately. With trying to be a superstar at work, being active after work, and run a household, it’s gotten a bit crazy. But, I will definitely try to post more! Here’s an outfit that I wore recently that I loved! I posted it on instagram (@jalpabhav — if you aren’t following me, you should!).



Top: Forever 21; Skinny Jeans: Kohl’s; Necklace: Modern Ego; Shoes (Old)

I bought that shirt at my recent shopping trip to Forever 21. It felt so wonderfully springy and I knew it would make the perfect addition to make closet! Check out this site for tips about what to buy from F21!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sweatshirt Sweaters

I had a rough day last Thursday and was really looking forward to just going home and relaxing. And that’s exactly what I did! Luckily, the day before I had gone shopping at good ole Forever 21. I had a bought a key pieces to enhance my closet for summer and one of them was a sweatshirt sweater. I don’t wear sweatshirts very often (nor do I wear sweatpants), so I was excited about this new sweatshirt sweater trend.

The sweatshirt sweater has the feel and comfort of a sweatshirt, but you still look super chic wearing one. I threw on the this comforting piece of clothing and headed out with the hubby for some greasy food and drinks. Dressing up and eating high calorie food instantly makes me feel better!




Sweatshirt Sweater: Forever 21 (similar; cute option); Scarf: Kohl’s; Jeans: Hollister (similar); Bracelet: JCrew; India

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m so excited that this is a short week!! Have a great Monday!

Floral & Chambray





Chambray Shirt: Express (similar); Dress Turned to Skirt: Kohl’s (splurge, steal); Belt: From another Kohl’s dress; Shoes: 6pm.com – Michael Antonio (splurge, steal); Bracelet: JCrew, India

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend everyone!

Inspired: Orange & Purple

Sometimes you wake up and you don’t know what to wear. Other times, you read a lot of blogs and realize you have a lot of the same pieces in your closet (yay for inspirations!). I usually fall in the first group of people, but this morning I decided to venture to the other side. One of my favorite bloggers (and new mommy!), Marion from Marionberry Style, wrote a post about stepping away from sweatpants. I don’t wear sweatpants very often, but I do dress very casually all the time. I was interested to see what she had to say since she has an amazing sense of style!

She recently published the article for the “What to Expect” books site (go check it out here) and had some great styling tips. The one that immediately caught my eye was the “Don’t estimate the power of a t-shirt”. I honestly don’t wear a lot of t-shirts. Mainly because I don’t know how to style them to look chic. I usually feel like I should be going to the gym when I wear one or lounging around the house. But, when I saw her post and realized I had many of the same pieces in my closet, I thought I would give it a try.

Now I know it’s super taboo to mimic another blogger’s post and we should all be innovative (yada yada yada), but…Hey – sometimes my brain just doesn’t function, alright y’all? Anywho…Marion looks amazing in the Purple & Orange ensemble, that I thought I’d try to do the same.

I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures. For some reason, my hand was shaking in the morning. No idea why!





T-Shirt: Kohl’s (only $4.80!!); Skirt: Gap (similar); Necklace 1 & 2: NY&Co; Bracelet: “Borrowed” from my mom; Watch: ESQ; Shoes: Guess (option 1; option 2)

What do y’all think? Did I pull off the Orange & Purple? I think y’all should go try this option out. Link back so I can come see all your prettiness!

Stripes and Cardigans

Stripes and cardigans are two my favorite things to wear for work. When I wake up, it’s early and I’m tired and even though sometimes I try to plan out my outfits on Sunday, my brain isn’t functioning that early. What does one wear when she hasn’t even had her cup of joe yet?

Well, this little lady grabs a striped tank top and a matching or contrasting cardigan. Layer it up with some jewelry and you have an outfit ready for work. Now, I could be more creativity with my outfits and sometimes I am (like here, here, and here). But, other times, I like to stick with the classics. I think I look put together without looking like I’m trying too hard. (I hate the ladies who look like they try too hard!)







 Outfit 1: Cardigan: Old Navy; Tank: DIY; Pants: Wet Seal; Necklace: NY&Co // Outfit 2: Cardigan: Banana Republic (similar); Tank: DIY; Necklace: NY&Co; Pants: Kohl’s

For those that are wondering about the tanks being DIY – both of them are old shirts where I just cut off the sleeves. The black and white one was an old long sleeves shirt that I’ve had for years and the sleeves didn’t fit anymore…so, I cut them off! Same thing with the blue and white one. Automatic tanks to wear under cardigans! Woot!

What are your staple work pieces? I’d love some new ideas!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

June Trip – Drive to Alabama

After our time in New Orleans, we drove on over to Alabama for the wedding of our friends Justin and Emily. Since it was about a 3 to 4 hour drive we decided to make pit stops along the way. I would like to thank the people on the internet that post their itineraries and pit stops – I stole from your ideas and came up with our own little route!

We left New Orleans around 12pm and decided our first stop was going to be the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Yay, NASA! The hubby and I are both nerds so this was the perfect pit stop.


Tank: PacSun (cute option); Short: Kohl’s (similar); Necklace: Modern Ego (buy here!); Watch: Burlington (similar here)

The outfit you’ll notice is very similar from the day before. Hey – gotta pack light right?

We walked around the Stennis center and took their tour. It’s pretty neat seeing the size of everything. I’m tiny, but you feel so small compared to the bases and fake ships.


Isn’t that crazy?! Look how small those cars look in comparison!

After taking the tour…we decided to be astronauts!

IMG_4319Outfit: Astronaut Suit (similar here … haha)

We continued on our way after the Space Museum and drove past the pretty beaches of Mississippi (who knew!?). If you’re ever traveling through the area and have time for a longer pit stop, check out Biloxi. There’s supposed to be tons of casinos and restaurants there and a pretty awesome boardwalk. The traffic was getting a bit heavy since it was Friday afternoon, so we kept on driving.

We drove all the way to Dauphin Island from where we decided to take the ferry to Gulf Shores. Yay, ferries! I love boats (and trains and planes and cars…anything but buses). IMG_4361


The ferry rides take about 30 minutes. If the weather’s nice (which it was) the breeze in your hair and the splashes of water feel amazing. I highly recommend it! Once off the ferry, we drove about 15-20 minutes to where we were staying on the Gulf Shores. We had arrived in Alabama and we were ready to celebrate! Woo-hoo!

Thanks for reading!

June Trip – Part 1

As I mentioned before, last weekend we took a trip down south to New Orleans and Alabama. We decided to fly into NOLA since the flights were a bit cheaper and because the hubby had never been. Unfortunately, on the way down, we faced flight delays which didn’t get us into New Orleans until close to midnight. Luckily, I decided to wear a pretty and comfortable outfit to keep me happy through all the delays. A nice bright color and some stretchy skinny jeans = happy travels!

Despite landing super late, the hubby and I decided to make the most of New Orleans. We headed down to Bourbon St immediately and got us some tasty drinks. The crowd is definitely interesting on a Thursday night. There’s sketchy people, drunk people, and homeless people. And the streets stink! But, it’s Bourbon St. and there’s so much culture and life in the area. We couldn’t wait to check out it in daylight (mainly because we were exhausted and wanted to sleep!).

We went to bed at the comfortable Marriott Hotel right on Canal Street. The beds were so comfortable that I passed right out. I definitely recommend this hotel if you’re traveling to NOLA. They have a Starbucks on the first floor, along with a bar. The staff is really nice and the rooms are clean. It’s also a few blocks down from Bourbon so you don’t hear the crazy commotion. Plus, they have a pool on a higher floor, so you can’t see all the foot traffic either.

We woke up in the morning and put on our walking shoes and went touring.

IMG_4287Tank: PacSun (cute option); Necklace: Modern Ego (buy here – $14!); Jeans: Lucky (buy here); Sneakers: New Balance (buy here); Watch: Burlington (similar here)

NOLA is definitely a walking city. You can easily walk around the entire French Quarter. There are tons of shops and restaurants that you won’t want to miss. Two places I highly recommend are Johnny’s Po’Boy and Leah’s Praline. Johnny’s Po’Boy has good old fashioned New Orleans sandwiches. Expect a wait since all the tourists know about this little location.


While making our way over to the praline shop, we passed this cute little sign.


Only if it was true… ;)

And lastly, we ended right back where we started! Before we went off to Alabama.

IMG_4291I’ll post part 2 tomorrow. It involves a trip to NASA!

Hope y’all had a good weekend!